The language policy of the AEFE network promotes dialogue of cultures, linguistic diversity, respect for identities and differences.

EFIC has been participating in the establishment of the French "EMILE" English system since September of 2015. This system aims to enable the acquisition of French and English for students from various linguistic backgrounds.

During daily practice, students develop language skills that allow them to integrate into their living environment, but also to learn and think in several languages. With this undeniable asset for their future in mind, EFIC is committed to providing a quality system based on the individual abilities of children to progress at their own pace, with confidence and in a spirit of openness to the world around them.

To determine each student's level of English acquired at the French International School in Colombo, our students are from 2nd grade and above are invited to take the Cambridge English Exams in the late Spring of each year.






Upon arrival at EFIC, your child's French and English proficiencies will be assessed. After establishing a language profile for your student, teachers will then determine whether any extra support would be beneficial in either language. Younger students (Preschool - 1st Grade) who would benefit from extra support then attend additional language courses throughout the week. Older students (2nd - 5th Grade) are grouped by their English level in order to receive personalized attention throughout the year, as well. Likewise, any student who requires additional support in French receives this support weekly from individual language classes with a French teacher.

In addition to these language classes, each week students also attend one bilingual class, which is co-taught by both their French and English teacher together. These classes cover multiple subjects throughout the year, included but not limited to: Science, Art, Humanities, etc.

Furthermore, students are exposed to English each week through both their music course and their sports course. These offer wonderful opportunities for students to interact with the language in new and exciting ways!

Below, the Agency for French Education Abroad provides you with a presentation booklet on language policy.


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