Our Facility in Sri Lanka


            The French International School of Colombo,founded in 1979, welcomes in an multi-cultural environment, students of all nationalities having in common their interest in French language and culture.

            Approved by the French Ministry of National Education and contracted with  the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), the EFIC provides a educational practices in accordance with the requirements of the Official Instructions. Each year this conformity is attested to by an Inspector of National Education which carries out a mission to reconfirm the good standing of the school.


Part of a network of 480 French schools in 180 countries, EFIC is committed to a quality approach.


            The French International School of Colombo offers to students an EMILE French / English education program from kindergarten. You will find more information on this program on the dedicated page of this site.

         Welcoming students from preschool to 12th grade, EFIC allows expatriate or long-established families in the country, to benefit from quality education with methods that support children's development.



(0094) 11 258 88 03

120 Park Road, Colombo 5 - SRI LANKA

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